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Cycling Federation currently pursuing a home for cycling

The Guyana Cycling Federation is hopeful of attaining their own facility to develop the sport.

Stephen Fernandes – GCF 2021 National Masters TT winner. (Franklin Wilson photo)

The Guyana Cycling Federation is optimistic that their dream of a home for the sport is close to realisation.

According to Federation President, Linden Dowridge, the biggest obstacle was finding a location.

However, Dowridge has identified a feasible potential location and will be engaging the Director of sport on his suggestion.

“We didn’t make much ground in that initially because the new fire station was to be re-located from where it is at Stabroek Market square to Durban Park. “

“But that project has commenced, and it’s clear that the new fire station is going a little further down, that’s between the sports hall and the new frequency management office.” Dowridge explained.

This facility will benefit the federation in a number of ways including providing an easier path for persons interested in the sport to take part.

“One of our challenges is that we have mainly road cycling in Guyana. And road cycling is not really a spectator sport. Persons in the general public would just see the bunch fly by, then pass back. So they would not get the full understanding, they would not get to enjoy the entire event – as against if they were to just go somewhere, sit, and see the entire event, all the cyclists going around several laps and then doing the finish.”

Having a dedicated facility will also benefit local sport tourism since the Federation will be able to participate in a wider range of cycling events, and therefore draw regional participants.

The Federation had been looking to acquire the National Park to use as a training ground for cyclists. However, there has been no progress on this.

Article by Jessica Callender


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