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Cutlass-wielding bandits assault Essequibo couple, carts off with items and cash

The stolen items

Police in Region Two are investigating the robbery under arms committed on a family home on the Essequibo Coast on Friday.

Reports are that a hire car driver arrived home at about 20:00, and as he was about to enter his house, he was confronted by two males, one of which was armed with a cutlass.

One of the suspects dealt the hire car driver a lash to the head, which caused him to scream, alerting his wife.

She then went to his assistance and was subsequently tied up. The bandits then took a black smart television, one amplifier, three cell phones, two car keys, and $118,000 in cash.

Quick response by ranks in the division led to the arrest of one of the suspects who had the items in his possession. Efforts are being made to have the other suspect arrested.


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