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"COVID has taught us a lot" - Region Two teachers

The COVID-19 pandemic forced teachers everywhere to rethink their approach to education and to utilise technology to deliver their lessons. As life slowly returned to the new normal, the lessons learned from incorporating technology to boost learning remain.

Recognising this, the Ministry of Education recently introduced EdYou FM, a radio station that broadcasts educational content 24/7 as a means of ensuring all children have access to quality education.

This move from the Ministry was welcomed by Primary School teachers in Region Two, who noted that initiatives of this nature are integral to the development of the education sector.

Head Teacher of Good Hope Primary School Isabella Deane said, "This is going to be beneficial a lot because COVID has taught us a lot not to totally depend on face-to-face learning. I think this is a great initiative for our children, and it is audio [...]. There are different ways some children would learn, so I think those who learn with audio will do an excellent job," Deane said.

Lorita Savory, the Head Mistress (ag) of Siriki Primary School, added, "The children; some of them do listen to radio. It is very educational. It is entertaining as well, so it will benefit us a lot."

"Radio is very important because without a radio there is a lot, especially news, and there are it has some educational programme which we don't really have access to so if we don't have radio we don't have access to it [...] so this (EdYou FM) would benefit everyone,"Julie Ramdeen, Siriki's Community Health Worker highlighted.

Meanwhile, the Head of EdYou FM, Phillip Williams, assured his team through the Education Ministry will continue to be on the ground, ensuring each area across Guyana has the signal to listen to EdYou FM.

Listeners from Georgetown can listen to EdYou FM on 99.7 FM, while those in other Regions can do so on the 99.9 FM frequency.


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