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Countrywide Christmas Policing Plan launched

The Guyana Police Force has launched their Christmas Policing Plan, which aims to keep the public safe during the hectic holiday season.

The Countrywide Christmas Policing Plan is in effect as of today November 15 and ends on January 15, 2023.

Within this Plan is 82 patrols and 251 personnel for the Region 4A district alone, per 24 hour period. Georgetown has received the most attention due to the dense population and high rate of crime as compared to other regions in Guyana.

Commander of the 4A Regional Policing Division Simon McBean says the Plan's focus areas are Stabroek Market, commercial banks, stellings, bus and car parks.

“During our Christmas season we have an increase in commercial activities and our Christmas policing is designed to capture that period… Our intention is to create a safe environment for businesses, shoppers and visitors within the region for the Christmas period.”

District 4A will be divided into 15 sections to ensure proper surveillance of all high risk areas.

Acting Superintendent Traffic Officer Dennis Stephen highlighted some added dangers that typically accompany the Christmas season.

“We intend to reduce crime, fear of crime, traffic accidents and congestion within this period. Looking at the risks associated with this period; there is a likelihood of increased crime, traffic accidents and congestion. Also, there is a likelihood of picketing activities due to the present industrial and political environment.”

Commander in Chief (ag) Clifton Hicken says this Plan is being enforced to protect public infrastructure and ensure persons can safely enjoy the holiday season.

“You’re going to see traffic management done differently than what we would normally do. We’re not gonna empty a minibus to inconvenient 15 passengers to deal with one driver. We’re not going to stop two, three vehicles in one long line to deal with errant drivers. There’s other methodologies we are going to use in terms of ticketing.

“We’re going to do everything in our power as a contemporary police force to mitigate against conflict with members of the public.”

Commander in Chief (ag) Clifton Hicken

Additionally, the Guyana Police Force has also issued safety tips to businesses and members of the public.

Tips for businesses include installing security cameras, avoiding keeping large volumes of cash on the premises, and avoiding being predictable with banking schedules.

Tips for holiday shoppers are; stay alert to your surroundings, carry only what you need, conceal valuables, avoid wearing expensive jewellery and consider purchasing items by other means rather than cash.

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