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Corentyne man found dead in friend’s yard

The police in Berbice are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of a 31 year old male whose only name was given as Ryan of Princetown Corriverton who was found dead in the yard of his friend early this morning.

One of the occupants of the yard where the body was discovered, Chandanie Sukhram, disclosed that at about 06:00 hours today her father who resides in the lower flat of her home woke her and told her that someone was lying in the yard.

Upon investigating she said she realised it was a villager who was consuming alcohol with her husband late yesterday evening. He was left in the lower flat of the building sleeping in a chair while the family retired to bed.

“I rush down the step and when I call on him I ain't touch him me nah see he ah breath me seh daddy this Bai dead so me run out the yard and call on my neighbours them and tell them that Kapone lay down a ground here and like he dead […] Me run go he mommy me call and nobody response” she added.

According to Sukhram, persons in the area called out to the deceased and they took photos and examined the body before taking it to the Skeldon Hospital where a doctor confirmed him dead.

She noted that what was strange yesterday while the man was drinking with her husband was that he had been making strange sounds as if he was experiencing pain but after questioning him as to how he is feeling, Ryan told them that he was fine.

However, police found a haversack containing a small bottle with a greenish substance suspected to be poison. A greenish substance was also found spilled on the lower flat of the house while a knife was found in the deceased's pants.

Investigations are ongoing.


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