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Corentyne farmer stabbed to neck, suspect caught trying to hang self

The swift action by members of the Guyana Police Force has led to the apprehension of a Corentyne man accused of killing his friend, 46-year-old Rameshwar Sydney of Bushlot Village on the Corentyne.

The incident took place just after 13:00 hours at the home of the suspect, moments after he visited the victim’s home and invited him to share some alcoholic drinks.

Rameshwar Sydney - Deceased
Rameshwar Sydney - Deceased

According to a brother of the deceased, 48-year-old Ganesh Sydney, he had just returned home from fishing when he saw the suspect visiting his brother, who was at the time having lunch at his parent's home.

He said the two left and headed over to the home of the suspect which is located about four houses away. He recalled hearing the two talking very loudly then suddenly his brother rushed to the front door of the suspect's home with blood running down his neck and a knife stuck on it.

MTV News Update was told that the suspect then locked himself in his home while family members of the deceased rushed to his aid and took him to the Port Mourant Hospital. From there he was being prepared to be transferred to the New Amsterdam Regional Hospital when he collapsed and died.

“They were assisting him to get to the ambulance and then he collapsed but the doctors told us that all these veins on his neck all burst and slice like when he push the knife he pull it and they slice” he added.

When the police arrived on the scene, the suspect was caught behind the house with a rope tied to his neck. Persons in the area noted that he tied the rope to the coconut tree and placed it around his neck, but the branch broke.

He was arrested and taken to the Whim Police Station where he has denied the allegation.

Sydney has left to mourn his mother, siblings, and four children.

Investigations are ongoing.


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