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Cops under close arrest being investigated for removing cow carcass from accident scene

The four ranks who are under close arrest for crashing the Guyana Police Force’s (GPF’s) vehicle are now under the microscope for butchering a cow, which was struck down on the No. 19 Public Road in the wee hours of Tuesday.

Reports are that between 00:30h and 01:30h, minibus PSS 9208, which was driven by Aziz Goolmohamed, collided with a cow. He made a report to the Central Police Station, and traffic ranks were dispatched to the location.

Moments later, a Police pickup arrived at the scene, where they allegedly removed the registration from the carcass and placed it in the pickup.

However, while on their way back to the station, the officers reportedly crashed into another cow on the Public Road, severely damaging the pickup.

The officers allegedly placed the carcass in the vehicle and divided the meat among themselves.

When contacted, Regional Commander Shivpersaud Bacchus confirmed that the traffic ranks who responded to the accident - a Corporal and three Constables - are being questioned in connection with the allegation.


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