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Consumers law to be translated into Portuguese, Spanish to better accommodate businesses

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

The Consumer Affairs Act will soon be available in Portuguese and Spanish to better accommodate the growing number of businesses owned and operated by persons who speak these languages.

Just a few weeks ago, the Competition and Competition Commission (CCAC) translated the Consumer Affairs Act (CAA) N0 13 of 2011 into Mandarin, to better accommodate the growing number of Chinese businesses in Guyana.

Communications Officer of the Competition and Consumer Affairs Commission (CCAC), Allison Parker says the Commission acknowledged the challenges faced by these businesses in confronting the language barrier, and that led to the decision to have the act translated.

“We plan to do the translations into Portuguese and Spanish, that’s one of our plans for next year.”

“This would be for durable good and services because the consumer affairs act only addresses durable goods and services. For food you have to go to the Food and Drug Department of the Ministry of Health.”

This is in line with the Commissions goal of providing the necessary support to ensure all businesses are able to comply with the law. The Director is confident this will ensure both the duties of the supplier and rights of the consumers are adhered to.

These new translations are expected to be available soon.

She adds that the Commission will continue to examine and investigate all businesses to see what areas they lack compliance in and support them in having these rectified in 2023.

“For 2022 we examined and investigated just over 1000 businesses and less than 50 percent of them are compliant.”


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