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Consumer Affairs Act being translated, targeting Chinese, Portuguese and Spanish operators

Acting Director of CCAC, Anil Sukhdeo.

The Guyana Competition and Consumer Affairs Commission (CCAC) is currently translating certain sections of the Consumer Affairs Act into Mandarin/Cantonese and Portuguese so that business operators know their responsibilities to the consumers.

Acting Director of the CCAC Anil Sukhdeo during a recent interview with MTV News Update said the commission has taken note of the language barrier when dealing with foreign business operators. In Guyana, there are a number of foreign businesses operating who often make ‘language barrier’ an excuse when failing to comply with certain sections of the Consumer Affairs Act.

“We’ve noticed that there might be a language barrier and to remove that barrier, what we’re doing is we are having certain sections of the Consumer Affairs Translated.” Later on in the year, these sections will be translated into Spanish as well.

“When those are translated into the native language of the operators, that barrier there and what they’re responsibilities are to the consumers, the barriers would be removed.” With the translation of this act, foreign operators would no longer be able to say that they do not understand what is required of them in the legislation.

According to him, the commission might also explore the possibility of training inspectors in these languages as well.

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