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Companies complying with $60,000 minimum wage - Labour Minister

Although private sector companies have been complying with the National Minimum Wage for the private sector, Minister of Labour Joseph Hamilton is urging employees to report any breaches of the minimum wage.

It has been a months since the National Minimum Wage Order came into effect after cabinet green lighted the $60,000 private sector minimum wage.

The Ministry of Labour is responsible for ensuring that the private sector companies throughout the country are complying with the minimum wage and so far, companies are compliant since no breaches have been reported.

This is according to Minister of Labour, Joseph Hamilton who sat down with MTV News Update during a recent interview.

Minister of Labour, Joseph Hamilton.

“Everybody is following the order because I had no reports coming from the employee representative organisation or any employee who has to come to the ministry to say that my company is not paying the requisite minimum wage,” Minister Hamilton revealed.

However, he is encouraging labourers to report any instances of companies paying less of what they should be paying. The minimum wage is $60, 0000, that means, $347 hourly, $2, 776 daily, and $13, 880 weekly.

He said, “You’re duty bound to protect yourself by coming and report the matter so that we can intervene and we can utilise the law to ensure that people honour/employees honour their obligations as regards to the National Minimum Wage. Meanwhile, the Labour Minister has also revealed that the ministry has commenced discussions with the Attorney General’s Chambers for stiffer penalties for errant companies.

“I think there’s a need for substantial fines to deter persons who might want to have no regard for the employees who work with them.”


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