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Commission says Mayor has withdrawn case to challenge LGC Act; Mayor denies claim

City Mayor Ubraj Narine in a press conference held on Tuesday said the Mayor and City Council has filed a submission to the court.

According to the Mayor, the submission was filed so that the court can clarify the roles and functions of the Local Government Act section #18 of 2013.

However, Chairman of the Local Government Commission Julius Faeber on Wednesday debunked this claim of the Mayor and revealed that the council had submitted a document to the commission which states that they have withdrawn from the case.

Mr Faeber said, “We received a document on the 14th of February, 2022 saying that the Claimant Ubraj Narine wholly discontinue these proceedings towards the Attorney General and the Local Government Commission.”

Julius Faeber -Chairman of the Local Government Commission

On the topic of addressing whether this act gives the commission the power to affect the Human Resources Management of the council Mr Faeber said “this act was something that was handed to us by Parliament, the Local Government Commission did not sit and prepare that act for themselves.”

Meanwhile, Deputy Chairman of the Commission Norman Whittaker addressed the Mayor’s claim of the commission being "politically directed."

Norman Whittaker -Deputy Chairman of Local Government Commission

The Deputy Chairman explained "of course, the Commission has to be guided in some way by what is happening at the level of the central Government….In other words, if our function is to make sure our NDC and Municipality have the best available Human Resource to do the best of work is political well that’s his view but for us, it’s not."

The commission said it is in no way affecting the operations of the council.

When contacted by News Update, Mr Narine denied that he has withdrawn the case.


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