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Co-op societies don’t receive subventions from central govt – Minister Hamilton

Co-op societies do not receive subventions from the Central Government. This is according to the Labour Minister, Joseph Hamilton, who responded to claims of discrimination from the Opposition, Aubrey Norton.

Opposition Leader Aubrey Norton at his last weekly press conference claimed that several co-op societies across the country, including the Mocha-Arcadia Multi-purpose Agricultural Co-op Society, were experiencing discrimination.

Norton claimed that the co-op society had not received a subvention from the government to undertake several projects that were planned by the society.

In response to the claims by the Opposition Leader, Labour Minister Joseph Hamilton explained that the claims by Norton were misleading and malicious, especially since the ministry’s co-op department does not provide a subvention to co-op societies.

“The Ministry of Labour Co-op department here have no relationship, as I said, transferring funds. Our authority is to supervise coop societies to ensure that they are run transparently and accountable,” Hamilton said.

Minister Hamilton further noted that on the government’s last visit to the district, a number of developmental programmes were discussed with the residents of the area.

“I am sure I read the Minister of Agriculture committing acres of land, to the Mocha farmers for development, road access and drainage and irrigation. That is coming out of the President’s visit of which they made some recommendations and requests,” he noted.

Minister Hamilton clarified that the Ministry of Labour, through the Chief Co-operative Development Officer, is only fulfilling its obligation, which is to regularise all societies as set out in the Co-operative Societies Act, Laws of Guyana (Cap. 88:01).


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