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Clerical support for teachers- President Ali

Teachers across Guyana will soon receive clerical support in their day to day operations.

This announcement was made by President Irfaan Ali in his World Teachers Day address.

He says his administration recognises the many hours teachers spend on executing clerical duties and to ease this burden, he has instructed for each school to receive clerical support staff.

This move he said will give teachers more time to commit to other duties.

“A lot of the teaching time is taken away because of the clerical duties that teachers are burdened with […] I have instructed the Ministry of Education now to look at every single school and to give every school clerical support so the burden of record keeping is removed from teachers and they have more time for the classroom and to work in the learning environment,” he said.

Meanwhile, the President says the Government is still eyeing the establishment of several daycare facilities to support teachers and all young mothers who are balancing work and family responsibilities.

Coming from a family of teachers, President Ali said he understands the challenges that this group of working mothers face daily.

"One of the things we are working on in the coming year is not only how we can support teachers but young mothers by establishing daycare centres across the country."

"Many teachers have the responsibility, I know my own parents, of waking up at three in the morning to prepare your own children for school and then prepare notes of lessons," the Head of State recognised.

While acknowledging the numerous commitments teachers are saddled with, particularly with career advancement, President Ali said he is hopeful this initiative of establishing the daycares will provide much needed assistance. This investment will amount to millions.

In closing, the President said “I want to wish all our teachers a happy teacher’s day.”


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