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City hall say 'collaborative effort' is needed

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

- City constabulary & GPF working together to apprehend 'litter bugs'

The Mayor and City Council says the City Constabulary and the Guyana Police Force are working collaboratively to ensure that persons who are dumping garbage are caught and charged before the courts. Director of the Solid Waste Management Department of the Mayor and City Council, Walter Narine, in an interview with News Update says the City's Constabulary is taking an aggressive approach towards keeping the city clean.

This comes in light of the recent ‘operation clean up’ campaign that was initiated by the government last weekend.

Several persons during the week were arrested and charged before the courts after they were caught dumping garbage.

"This will be a continuous exercise because you can’t expend so much resources, so much work, so much time to clean the city and people are still bended with their dirty behaviour of littering, the time has come, this must cease."

he expressed.

Narine noted that the M&CC was lacking in the enforcing of the Litter Enforcement Regulations (2013) and collaboration was needed so that citizens can change their ‘dirty’ behaviour.

"Because we have been cleaning a lot of sites but this collaborative effort was not there so I’m very thankful that it has happened and we are seeing results of it,"

he said.

Narine is pleading with persons to desist from littering and also be vigilant for litter bugs.

Meanwhile, the director is reminding that only on Garbage collection day, person’s waste receptacle can be out or else they would be charge with littering.

"Each household must have a waste receptacle, covered receptacle and you can only put out those receptacle on the day of collection.....So when the truck pass already, then you decide now you're going to put garbage out, you will be charged."

Narine explained.

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