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"We have nothing against Mr. Venture." - Mayor Narine

Mayor of Georgetown - Ubraj Narine

The feud between Mayor of Georgetown Ubraj Narine and City Engineer Colvern Venture is nothing new to the public.

Narine on numerous occasion has called out Venture on ‘failing’ to execute his duties and as such the council during its statutory meeting held on Monday last passed a motion to terminate Venture from his post.

Venture however defended his position and called out the council’s decision on the passing of the motion as a "political tool."

When questioned about how he came to this conclusion the City Engineer said

"my reasons for saying so there are standard operating officers within the organization that has been established years ago and even before I would have joined the council in which the administration would use to do the evaluation of persons work performance it also make provision for natural justice and also look at reward and sanctions to officers."

However Mayor Ubraj during a press conference held on Wednesday debunked the claim of Venture,

"we have nothing against Mr. Venture we as council is frustrated with this kind of procrastination at the level of the city engineer department."

Narine added.

M&CC has since submitted a letter to the Local Government Commission recommending that Ventures be put off his duties with immediate effect. The decision as to whether this will be approved remains at the commission level.

When questions arose as to what would be the council way moving forward should Venture firing not be approved this is what Narine said,

"the council will not take blame for any flooding in the city anymore or for any matter those people that come for plans and so on I will take the information and write the Local Government in self now."

The City Engineer and the Council now awaits the decision of the Local Government Commission.

Venture is currently seeking legal advice through his lawyers.


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