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-Others agree with Health Ministry Decision

The Ministry of Health on Tuesday announced that persons who tested positive for the COVID 19 virus and isolated at home are not required to submit a certificate of clearance upon returning to work after 10 to 14 days quarantine.

Our news team took to the capital city of Georgetown to seek the views of citizens on this move that the Health Ministry has announced.

Here were the feedback:


"I think that persons should go back and check and see you know whether they’re still covid or they don’t have it or not because you know at the end of the day we looking at people health we can’t just think we feeling good and go back to the people work you got to think of others."


"Well it has it’s good and bad because the good part of it it will make the work force be strengthened because you waiting for a clearance now you spend another day or two at home which you can resume work immediately that’s the good but the bad side of it if it guarantee that you clear because people most of us when we quarantine on during the pandemic or during quarantine we don’t quarantine so we expose ourselves continuously so that’s the bad part of it."


"No you can’t turn out so you ga look after youself and then you can’t go contaminate other you go contaminate other person you can’t you have to cure youself take good care of youself because you go make other people sick...well you suppose to take the test to see that because you can’t go and say that you finish because you take a treatment I think for sure you suppose to take the test and go back to work."


"The Minister is accurate because personally I was infected with it and I quarantine for like 10 day but was only three days I was feeling symptoms I wasn’t sick badly to that extent where I couldn’t do anything for myself and so my personal opinion I think it’s not a bad move."


"Yes it’s a good move a good initiative and idea...I feel you already pass through the stage you should let your body relax and settle."

Health Minister, Dr. Frank Anthony said that private institutions that require the clearance certificate will have to seek other alternatives.

However persons who contracted the virus and were hospitalized will be issued the clearance certificate upon discharge.

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