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- 'More bins should be made available'; timely garbage collection also needed

A team from MTV News Update went on the streets on Thursday to get the opinions of the people on how the city can be kept clean.

They said in order for Georgetown to look sanitary, people should become more responsible and practice proper garbage disposal since they are contributing to the unsanitary conditions of the city.

"We as citizens of this country need to be a little more responsible in our disposing of garbage, even if its household, personal item because we have a tendency to dump it, we need to be a little bit more responsible."

one citizen expressed. However, they alluded that the government or the Mayor and City Council should make bins available in areas that are known to have huge amounts of garbage.

The citizens say that some bins are available but garbage collectors should make an effort to be on time since the bins are filled very quickly.

"While I may have my garbage to dump, there's no where to dump it. "

a man noted.

The citizens have commended the government for making the effort to keep the capacity clean.

President Irfaan Ali led ‘operation clean up’ last weekend in collaboration with the Private Sector, the Guyana Defence Force and other agencies.

However, people are saying that the government should organize more activities like this.

well, fuh keep the city clean they gah continue doing what they doing, they can’t do it one time and then stop, they gah continue doing it all the time."

a woman said.


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