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Chopped body of surveyor found in Arumu Backdam; GGDMA wants 'proper' investigation into incident

The Guyana Gold and Diamond Miners Association is calling for better police response following the discovery of the chopped body of a land surveyor in Arumu Backdam, Cuyuni yesterday.

The deceased has been identified as Ricky Ambrose who was a Sworn land surveyor and ranger with some two decades of experience in the field.

According to the GGDMA Mr Ambrose “was a great support to other miners.”

A statement from the mining body today says Mr. “Ambrose was found with lacerations about his body, which was some distance away from his ATV which he was using at the time. Report reaching the Association is that his Licensed Fire Arm along with a quantity of Raw Gold and Cash are also missing.”

The Association says that its members have “also learnt that the police only visited the area sometime on the morning of Monday December 19, 2022 to assess the scene and remove the body [...] This response by the police as being poor since Arumu is not a far distance away from Bartica.”

The GGDMA asking authorities to have a proper investigation into this incident and to put proper systems in place at borders to negate all criminal activities.


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