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Chief Statistician urges persons to report any issues faced in interactions with enumerators

Census awareness activity in Mabaruma (Photo: TagmanMedia)

Chief Statistician Errol La Cruz is urging persons to report any issues with census field staff or other problem faced in the ongoing census exercise so they can be addressed in a timely manner.

The National Population & Housing Census is the single largest logistics exercise in the country.

This year’s Census began in September where census field staff (called enumerators) began visits to every household in every part of the country to administer questionnaires. These are used to collect social, demographic and economic data on the population.

Every citizen is obligated by law to ensure they are counted in the census.

Chief Statistician Errol La Cruz, who oversees the ongoing National Census, is urging persons who have encountered any issues in the process to report it.

“Once that report comes to us, we will then address that – take it to the coordinators or the supervisors so they can ascertain the facts of the case and if needed take action. This can include, if the enumerator is not doing what they’re supposed to do, then relieving them of their duties or something along those lines.”

La Cruz noted that persons being visited by enumerators can and should request to see identification before allowing persons to enter their property or answering any questions.

He says feedback forms are available on the Bureau of Statistic’s website at

Persons can also report any issues by reaching out on whatsapp numbers +592 701 8700 or +592 701 8701.

“Persons are encouraged, if you have not been enumerated as yet, go and put in your information on that feedback form. From there we’ll pass that information along so you can be enumerated, so you can be counted. If there was anything in the process that you were not satisfied with or you had concerns with, you can also submit that to us, and we will take action.”

He noted that most of the feedback so far has been positive.

The enumeration exercise is expected to wrap up later this month.


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