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Chess Federation seeks more administrators for the game

The Guyana Chess Federation has highlighted plans to certify more administrators for the sport in light of the recent influx of newcomers to the sport.

Players in the Chess Federation engaged in virtual training

The Guyana Chess Federation has seen its membership triple over the last few months, with approximately 300 children currently actively training and playing within their online programmes.

According to Vice-President of the Federation, Anand Raghunaught, this means the federation is now working to certify more administrators.

“Because of the expanding chess programme, especially in schools programme. We anticipate we’ll need quite a number of arbiters. A national arbiter could be from 16 years up, and then a FIDE arbiter from 19 up.”

He notes.

Guyana currently has only four certified FIDE arbiters aiding in administrating tournaments.

National Arbiters, or higher level FIDE arbiters and FIDE instructors are certified through training offered at different points in the year by the International Chess Federation (FIDE).

The federation will be attempting to shortlist persons interested in these certifications to take on this training later in the year.

“We have young ones who are playing the game, understand the game. They are smart, intelligent. They can go towards these aspects of the game, not only playing the game competitively but administrating the game, refereeing the game in this way and still participating.”

Raghunauth stated.

Chess instructors within the Guyana Chess Federation work to train children through the online ChessKid platforms and within the chess in schools programme on a voluntary basis.

At a beginner level, players can be trained by anyone with a based level understanding of the game, and not necessarily certified instructors.

Raghunaught notes that with the influx of new students and the programmes continuing to expand, it will not only be vital to recruit more instructors, but also to have more expert trainers involved as the players develop their skills.

Currently, higher level students are trained by international master Atanu Lahiri based in India through virtual classes.


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