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Chelsea rally to advance in FA cup despite off-field crisis

Chelsea Football Club has endured a tumultuous week, but despite uncertainty off-field, they scored a win in the FA Cup which takes them to the quarter-finals.

Chelsea players rejoice 2-3 victory over Luton Town in FA Cup (Photo: Inside Sport)

Roman Abramovich's ownership of Chelsea had come under scrutiny and dominated the agenda in light of the escalating Russian assault in Ukraine.

On Wednesday evening, just about an hour before Chelsea entered the FA Cup fifth round football match against Luton Town, Abramovich signalled the impending end of his 19-year reign as owner of the Blues.

He has been expected to give up ownership of the club as he faces financial sanctions targeting Russians in wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Alan Shearer, a two-time FA Cup finalist with Newcastle United said, “He’s brought massive success over his 20-years. As we know it can take months or years to sell a football club. But I think, more importantly, there’s still no condemnation from Roman or the club on what’s happening in Ukraine.”

FA Cup winner with Manchester City in 2011, Micah Richards said “Today there’s a lot more clarity. I think he’s done the right thing but it’s just so sad that we have to talk about this on a football night, and all the scenes we’ve seen in the past couple of days, it’s just heartbreaking. The sooner it can happen the better.”

For all the controversies, contention and divergence of opinion about Abramovich's influence at Stamford Bridge and beyond, Chelsea now faces a time of uncertainty and potential upheaval as he prepares - at some point at least - to take his leave.

Chelsea’s campaign was not derailed in the immediate aftermath of Abramovich's announcement that he would be selling the club as they followed through with their plans on the football pitch.

Chelsea now look ahead to Thursday's quarter-final draw and the next hurdle in their quest for a maiden domestic cup under Manager Thomas Tuchel. (BBC Sport)


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