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CEO of Hearts of Palm says company facing 'difficult' times; Still searching for solutions

Chief Executive Officer Jean-Francois Gerin

Some 30 workers of the Amazon Caribbean Guyana Limited (AMCAR) are now jobless after the company decided to shut down its Plant at Rosignol, West Bank Berbice (WBD). The Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union (GAWU) on Monday said it is stunned that the Amazon Caribbean Guyana Limited (AMCAR) decided to shut down its Rosignol plant.

Chief Executive Officer Jean-Francois Gerin told MTV News Update that the company is having trouble obtaining raw material and as such, the decision was made to close down its operations in Region Six.

“The situation is quite simple; we don’t have enough supply of raw materials so we producing 20% of our capacity which means the cost of production is over the cost of selling what we produce. We have tried many things, ministry of agriculture, various ministries, we have put some proposals and it’s very difficult to find labour force, its scare and we don’t have enough supplies,” he explained.

According to Gerin, the company is working to find solutions to this issue since they do not want employees jobless.

“We’re still looking for solutions; I mean nobody wants to see an asset not functioning. So I mean we had to close because of COVID in 2020 because our customers cancelled our orders overnight and we were forced to close because of that. Now 2021, we have tried to resume, we have found new customers but we had the big flood in 2021 so most of the rivers were flooded, the people could not work and we haven’t been able to get back to our pre-COVID production. The company also revealed that it is experiencing shipping delays and it mostly depends on exports.


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