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CCWU accuses CJIA of unfair practices against staff

The Cheddi Jagan International Airport Corporation

The Clerical & Commercial Workers’ Union (CCWU) has accused the Cheddi Jagan International Airport Corporation (CJIA) of unfair practices against employees.

In a statement on Saturday, the Union’s General Secretary Sherwood Clarke said that the Corporation “unlawfully” suspended Godfrey Ralph after he would have worked an eight-hour shift and was unaware that the next shift was left open.

“He, therefore, went home and was later informed that he abandoned the next shift. Hence, he was suspended for failing to continue working on the next shift. Point to note: He wasn’t informed that he has to continue working the next shift,” Clarke noted.

Another instance Clarke disclosed is against Clinton Europe, who was suspended due to a complaint lodged by a Civil Engineer staff with whom he had no altercation.

“He was merely having a conversation with two of his colleagues. However, the said Civil Engineer staff, being a passer-by approximately ten feet away, claimed he verbally abused her.”

It was further noted that CJIA reported that Michael Hunte, a 14-year employee, self-terminated his service. This was after the Corporation implemented a policy of not allowing unvaccinated staffers to enter the building.

“Mr. Hunte, being an unvaccinated employee, reported working daily. However, he was not allowed into the building to sign his time of arrival due to his unvaccinated status. Therefore, it was reported by CJIA that Mr. Hunte was self-terminated due to being absent for three consecutive days. Until today, the management of the CJIA hasn’t shown any proof of Mr. Hunte's absence,” Clarke added.

In keeping with the parties’ grievance procedure, the Union recommended that Hunte receive his full severance or be reinstated into his position.

But after numerous meetings at the level of conciliation at the Ministry of Labour, such matters were declared deadlock.

“In addition, the management holds onto their final position not to resolve any of these matters. The General Secretary of the Union is accusing the Corporation of acting unfairly in making disciplinary action against these employees.

It is the CCWU’s opinion that such injustices as meted out to competent and dedicated employees will have a dampening effect on the image of the Corporation and further cause other employees to feel as though their employment with the CJIA is not secured.”

Calls to the Corporation on Saturday proved to be unsuccessful.

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