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CCAC urges caution when shopping online as legislation still not in place for online consumers

The Guyana Competition and Consumer Affairs Commission (GCCAC) currently does not have legislation in place for the protection of consumers who shop online in Guyana.

However, Acting Director of the Guyana Competition and Consumer Affairs Commission Anil Sukhdeo is urging consumers to shop smartly and ensure the goods are worth their monies.

The Consumer Affairs Act only caters for suppliers who vend electronically and not the consumers.

“I must bring attention to the consumers out there, we have to be smart of where you’re shopping, if you have e-market, you look at reviews, you look at the products,” Sukhdeo said.

According to Sukhdeo, this section of trade is difficult to regulate and currently there is no legislation in place for the protection of consumers.

Speaking with MTV News Update, Sukhdeo said the commission intends to work on coming up with a framework to protect online consumers.

“That is a big emerging sector too and it’s something that needs a lot of work and focus on, and we’ll be getting there shortly.”

Meanwhile, the commission has received 153 complaints from consumers over the last five months and 113 of those complaints have been resolved.

“If you have a case, be sure that we’re gonna resolve it within four weeks of receiving that complaint. There are some that might take a little bit because of the nature of the complaint.”


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