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CANU seizes $7M worth of ganja, shotgun at Skeldon Estate backlands

The Customs Anti-Narcotic Unit (CANU) on Friday unearthed $7 million worth of marijuana and a 12-gauge shotgun along with matching cartridges at Skeldon Estate backlands, Corentyne Berbice.

According to CANU, ranks conducted an operation in the area when they noticed two men fleeing from a speed boat heading for a neighbouring cane field.

A subsequent search of the boat and surrounding area led to the discovery of five parcels containing a quantity of suspected cannabis, as well as a single-barrel 12-gauge shotgun and 12 live matching cartridges.

The law enforcement officers checked around the area to identify and apprehend the individuals involved but came up empty-handed.

Notwithstanding, the suspected narcotics and shotgun were escorted to CANU’s Skeldon Office, Corentyne Berbice, where it tested positive for cannabis, weighing a total of 57.2 kilograms, with a street value of approximately $7 million. Investigations are ongoing.

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