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Call centres to be established in Region Two to reduce unemployment numbers

Vice President Dr.Bharrat Jagdeo addressing a gathering at Suddie Childcare Centre (Photo: Office of the Vice President)

Vice President Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo on Tuesday announced that some 2000 Essequibans would be benefitting from part time jobs as the Government seeks avenues to cushion the effects of the rising cost of living.

Along with this announcement, the Vice President revealed that more long term solutions are being sought as the Government recognises the limited job opportunities within the county.

One long term solution being looked at is making the county more attractive and talks have already begun on the possible establishment of multiple call centres.

Call centres have shown to be one of the major contributors to job creation over the past year and there is a target to create 50,000 jobs countrywide.

A section of the gathering (Photo: Office of the Vice President )

“Right now we are looking at two or three call centres that can employ close to a 1000 people on the coast and so the Government will build the factory shelf and train the people and then the investors will just operate this and this is just the beginning,” Dr. Jagdeo told the cheering crowd which consisted mostly of young people.

He posited that plans similar to this are being examined for other Regions which have a hard time attracting investments.

In the meanwhile, he encouraged the Essequibans to make use of the part time jobs and execute their work diligently. These persons will be working along with the Neighbourhood Democratic Councils and would be required to work for 10 days per month. They would earn a total of $40,000 on a monthly basis.

“The aim is as I said before is to get one person from a household at least so that we can first of all get maybe every household where the people are unemployed at least one person have a part time job.”

Persons were given their job forms today and would commence work in June.


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