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‘Buss Mouth’ chopped to death at Blackwater Landing

A 34-year-old miner was on Tuesday chopped to death by four suspects at Blackwater Landing, Konawaruk, Region Eight.

Dead is Dick Grant, called ‘Buss Mouth’ or ‘Guinness’ of Amokokopai Village, Region Seven, and Blackwater Backdam in Region Eight.

According to the Police, Grant was allegedly murdered between 01:00h and 02:00h by four identifiable males.

Reports are that on Monday between 20:30h and 22:15h, the 34-year-old miner and two other individuals were imbibing at a shop located at Blackwater Landing.

But at about 22:15h, Grant left the shop and went to another shop located on the landing, where he continued to imbibe.

While there, the four suspects got into a heated argument, after which a fight broke out. The now-dead man reportedly ran away but was followed by the four suspects.

At about 05:30h on Tuesday, he was found motionless, lying face down near the first shop he was imbibing at.

Police noted that stab wounds were seen on Grant’s right-side neck and chop wounds to the center of his head and hands.

The man's body was escorted to the Mahdia District Hospital, awaiting a Post Mortem Examination (PME). Police are on the hunt for the suspects as the investigations continue.


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