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Businesses returns $50M in compensation to consumers for default items- CCAC Head

The Competition and Consumer Affairs Commission has managed to return some $50M to the pockets of consumers by resolving their case.

According to the Director (Ag) of the Competition and Consumers Affairs Commission, Anil Sukhdeo some 289 complaints were received for this year so far with the total value of the cases being in excess of $150M but only $50M was returned to consumers.

Sukhdeo explained the Commission was only able to recover $50M because “not all the cases that comes to the CCAC would be a case where the consumer supply would be negligence. It can be that both parties share liability in some sense or it can be the consumer is liable due to poor use of device.”

Director (Ag) of the CCAC- Anil Sukhdeo

From the 289 cases, approximately 225 were resolved which is about 78%.

Most cases were recorded for defective electronic devices as those are items purchased every day, Sukhdeo said.

The Director explained a thorough investigation is conducted before a decision is made concerning compensation.

Meanwhile, for the remainder of the year, he noted the commission will sensitise more consumers on their rights.

Anyone who wishes to make a complaint to the CCAC can call on 219-4410, visit the website on visit the CCAC office in the Sophia Exhibition Centre compound.


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