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‘Bring the evidence’ - AG tells APNU+AFC who claims cash grants distribution ‘discriminatory’

Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs, Anil Nandlall.

Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs Anil Nandlall is urging the APNU+AFC opposition party to bring forth evidence of the alleged discriminatory distribution of cash grants to certain communities and households.

The Attorney General said the government has taken note of the allegations made by the APNU+AFC allegations. However, he noted that these allegations are made but not one person who reportedly did not receive their cash grant has spoken up and brought attention to the matter. Nandlall made this statement during this week's edition of “Issues in the news”.

He questioned, “Why are you telling the story? “

“You have a cellphone, whole day you doing live with yourself, you taking out selfie, you doing in the ring […] just flip on the camera and let the lady who did not get the grant speak, let us see who it is, tell us her address, so that we can go and rectify the problem,” Nandlall added.

Nandlall made it clear that the government has no policy of skipping certain communities when it comes to a cash grant distribution that is meant for all Guyanese.

“I am not saying our systems are perfect, and any system would have deficiencies but to tell me that we have a deliberate policy of skipping communities and skipping households is a preposition that I will never accept, because it is an untruth.”


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