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BREAKING NEWS: Guyanese fisherman arrested in Suriname for killing sex worker

41-year-old Aniel Terrence, a Guyanese who is plying his trade as a fisherman in the Surinamese water was a short time ago arrested in connection with the death of a Dominican sex worker.

The accused was arrested while making his way out to sea in his fishing vessel. He is currently being transferred to Paramaribo and will be transferred to the Capital Crimes Department.

According to Surinamese authorities, the fisherman would frequent the 38-year-old woman’s apartment and this was confirmed with video footage from security cameras in the area. He was the last person to visit the woman's apartment before her body was discovered.

The woman was found naked and gagged with two suspected stab wounds to her back. Bruises were also observed on her face and other parts of her body.

Up to press time, it was unclear as to what led to the brutal killing. However, investigations are ongoing.


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