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Brawl over parking in Kitty leaves three wounded

An argument over parking at Kitty, Georgetown, on Monday has left three persons wounded.

Those injured are Kinray Joseph, 36, a Rural Constable, Kennedy Barky, 34, a taxi driver and Gordon Branch, 51, also a taxi driver. The incident occurred at about 08:20h.

A statement by the Police said that on the day in question, Branch went to the location to drop off his “box money” to Joseph’s mother and parked his car, blocking the entrance to the yard.

Barky, who rents an apartment in the yard, started using explicit language and asked Branch how he would park his car and block the entrance, which resulted in an argument.

Joseph, who lives at the house, heard the argument and came out to make peace, during which, Barky pulled a knife from his pants pocket and dealt Joseph several stabs about his body, including his neck.

Branch then tried to separate them, during which he was stabbed in his right hand. Branch then went to his car, took out a cutlass, and dealt Barky a chop to his left hand.

The matter was reported to Kitty Police Station, and they were all taken by ambulance to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC), where Barky was admitted as a patient.

Joseph is being observed in the accident, and the emergency ward and Branch was treated and sent away. Investigations are ongoing.


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