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Biggest challenge for Business amid spike in COVID was Productivity and Services - PSC

In the last two months Guyana saw a surge in positive COVID 19 cases which apart from the impact on the population also resulted in an additional challenge to the business community.

The spike in cases was suspected to be as a result of the presence of the Omicron variant in Guyana.

However, Chairman of the Private Sector Commission Paul Cheong told News Update that this outbreak also had a “negative impact” on the business community.

P.C MTV News Update

He noted that the biggest challenges during this period for these businesses were ‘productivity’ and ‘service’.

The PSC Chairman explained,

“persons who are positive have to stay home so when they stay home it has an impact on productivity and on service.”

However, he pointed out that “we are happy that these cases reduced drastically and that the surge has gone”. With this reduction in cases, he noted that these challenges are being addressed.

Mr Cheong said the Private sector is looking forward to a ‘bright 2022’ while reminding businesses that “we still need to continue to be cautious (and) we need to encourage those persons to get vaccinated to get their booster shot.”

He adds that the commission welcomes the reopening of the country’s economy.

Mr Cheong said,

"the world is over (COVID) we pass through such a rough time of covid and so many restrictions …we’ve withstood and we still need to continue to be cautious."


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