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Bids open for construction of new four-lane highway from Schoonord to Crane

The National Procurement and Tender Administration Board has opened bids for constructing a new four-lane highway between Schoonord to Crane on the West Demerara under the Ministry of Housing and Water, Central Housing & Planning Authority (CHPA).

According to the Housing Ministry, the construction period for the project is 16 months per Lot, and the contracts will be awarded to the lowest qualified bidder. Additionally, only one Lot will be awarded to any bidder in a Project Area.

“However, a bidder may be considered for award for more than one lot, provided that the bidder has shown sufficient equipment capacity, financial capacity, and human resources capacity to execute more than one lot simultaneously and to service their existing contracts whereby all existing contracts must be listed in the Statement of On-going Project Forms,” a statement on the Ministry’s website stated.

Owing to the rapid pace of development in Region Three, President Irfaan Ali announced the construction of the highway in April.

The Head of State said this potential road link would open thousands of acres of land for housing, massive agriculture, agro-related projects, tourism, and other related activities.

Preliminary works have already commenced for an alternative highway from Schoonord to Parika that will run through the backlands. This road will be connected to the new Demerara River bridge.

Additionally, that highway will also pave the way to construct a road from Parika, East Bank Essequibo (EBE), to Bartica, Region Seven.

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