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Bel Air students promise to make parents, country proud as NGSA concludes

Students of the Bel Air Primary School celebrate as NGSA concludes

The National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) concluded on Thursday and students of the Bel Air Primary school were elated.

MTV News Update visited the school and spoke to some of the students who sat the exams and they said while some aspects of the exams were difficult it was “easy” overall.

The students promised to make their parents and country proud considering all the hard work they put in to studying for this exam which will determine which secondary school they will attend come September.

Nitin Singh said “it was easy, Science was a bit difficult but Maths was easy. I study hard so I think I might get Saints. I know I will make my parents proud.”

Alicia Rogers also expressed similar views. The student said the exam “was not hard but not easy neither it was in the middle. Science was the hardest and Language was the easiest. I think I did good, I might get Saints Joseph. I promise my mother I go do good and I hope I make it in the top set of the country,” while Shazad Singh said he strongly believes he will secure a spot at either “Bishops or Queens College. I put in a lot of hard work and use the Ministry of Education resource online.”

Dynos Sanfred also believes that the exams were easy and believes he secured a spot at the Cummings Lodge Secondary school.

Some 16,000 students were slated to sit this year's edition of the NGSA which commenced on Wednesday and concluded today and saw students being tested in the four core subject areas.

Education Minister, Priya Manickchand also said that she believes that the students will do well in the exams considering the interventions made by the Ministry to make sure they had access to quality Education despite the closure of schools for almost two years.


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