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BCB to bowl off mini-cricket academies in West Berbice

The Berbice Cricket Board is set to host four mini-cricket academies across the country, with the first academy set to bowl off on Saturday in West Berbice.

The Berbice Cricket Board continues to forge ahead with the development of youth cricket in the ancient county with the hosting of four mini-cricket academies.

The West Berbice Cricket Association, under the leadership of David Black, will launch the first mini academy on Saturday, July 23, with close to 50 cricketers.

BCB President Hilbert Foster stated that the academy is a continuation of the coaching programme, which seeks to ensure that every cricketing talent in the ancient county is discovered and given pathways to develop.

Academies will also be hosted in New Amsterdam/Canje at the Rose Hall Canje Ground, Lower Corentyne at the Area H Ground, and Upper Corentyne sub-association at the Skeldon Ground.

Special emphasis will be placed on improving the players’ batting, bowling, and wicket-keeping techniques.

Coach Travis Hardcourt will lead a panel of coaches in carrying out the programme. Saturday’s session begins at 8:30h and goes on until 16:00h.

Players selected to attend are:

  1. Joel Bascom

  2. Jarvel Blackman

  3. Eziekel Blackman

  4. Sheldon McPherson

  5. Brandon Chace

  6. Omani Alder

  7. Carlston Sam

  8. Aquanda Booker

  9. Rawle Johnson

  10. Shawn Ross

  11. Dekentie Carmicheal

  12. Mario Apollo

  13. Delray Morris

  14. Levi Kishun

  15. Neville David

  16. Omari Arthur

  17. Shelton Ramsay

  18. Tulsieram Ramcharran

  19. Omar Saul

  20. Steffon Prince

  21. Tyrone Prince

  22. Tiea Isaac

  23. Tamara George

  24. Renata Liverpool

  25. Brandon Isaac

  26. Ashley Mangra

  27. Nathaniel Lynch

  28. Kummassy Mentore

  29. Chan Cho

  30. Darius Joseph

  31. Tienacia Solomon

  32. Cornel Archibal

  33. Randy Dindial

  34. Jaylen Campbell

  35. Kemar Joseph

  36. Winston Hartman

  37. Micheal Collis

  38. Collis Harcourt

  39. Christopher Baldeo

  40. Simon Anandram

  41. Vinash Boodhoo

  42. Lakeraj Hemraj

  43. Saife Satar

  44. Aditya Ramgopaul

  45. Fawaad Badulla

  46. Ryan Ramsamy

  47. Marlon Albert

  48. Christopher Ogle


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