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Bartica Easter Regatta returns after two-year hiatus

The Bartica Easter Regatta has been absent for the past two years, due to the COVID-19 Global Pandemic.

However, President Dr Irfaan Ali March 14 last signed an order that eased the National COVID-19 measures that were put in place to ease the transmission of the COVID-19 virus.

In light of this, Regional Chairman of Region Seven (7) and head of the Regatta Committee, Kenneth Williams said this decision was taken into consideration by the Bartica Regatta Committee and there will be a 2022 Easter Regatta in 2022.

Regional Chairman, Kenneth Williams.

“Our regatta has always been a rich staple of economic activity that benefits all sectors, and this year, we have had our setbacks and we’re glad that we have this opportunity once again to do better for our people.”

This event is being held under the theme “BOUNCE BACK”.

According to a press release, this theme serves as a motivation to inspire the public to break free from the burdens of the pandemic.

“We’ve named it BOUNCE BACK simply because we recognize, because of the hiatus, plus a two years without Bartica Regatta, we felt it’s an opportune title to call it Bartica Regatta- Bounce Back, Bounce Back simple means we’re returning from the pandemic."

Williams said all COVID-19 protocols will be observed at the one-week held event.

Below is the programme of activities for the Bartica Regatta Week:


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