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Baracara Falls Project to enhance sustainable Tourism in Bartica

Volunteers for new clean-up initiative flank the Baracara Falls

The Baracara falls tourism enhancement project is a new initiative which aims to make tourism more sustainable in the region, while having local residents benefit from development.

World Tourism Day is being observed under the theme "rethinking tourism" as Guyana seeks to transform the sector to better benefit from the influx of visitors due to the country's changing landscape.

In today's activities, the Guyana Tourism Authority launched a number of new tourism initiatives and projects to enhance tourism across the country.

One such project is at Baracara Falls in Bartica.

GTA Director hands over supplies to Bartica Mayor and other regional representatives

To enhance the tourism potential of this famous tourist site, the GTA donated a tractor as well as cleaning supplies such as rakes, disposable gloves, trash bags, etc.

A Region 7 volunteer group will do regular clean-ups at the site twice weekly to ensure it stays clean.

Bartica Mayor dumps a bag of trash picked up in today's clean up exercise into the tractor donated by the GTA

Mayor Gifford Marshall, who notes that Bartica currently sees an influx of two to three hundred visitors per week, highlighted the importance of this initiative for the region.

"Our data here in Bartica shows that almost 95% of our population depends heavily on mining. So we've been moving towards diversifying our economy and tourism is a very good choice."

GTA Director Kamrul Baksh noted this is just the first of many similar initiatives to be rolled out soon at various tourist attractions.

"The GTA is using this here as a pilot to showcase that a partnership, collaborative approach to a problem can really resolve any major issue."

This clean-up initiative was needed as the site has had a long standing issue of visitors leaving their garbage littered at the falls and in the surrounding area.

Additionally, a marketing campaign involving posters and signboards as well as items on radio, TV and Social media will be boosted to promote the Baracara falls.


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