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‘Back up’ plan in place, should demand exceed supply for 5-11 Covid vaccine- Health Minister

The Ministries of Health and Education are currently hosting a vaccination drive at the National Cultural Centre Tarmac, where the Covid 19 Pfizer vaccine is being rolled out for children aged 5-11.

The government recently received some 55,000 doses as a donation from Spain. Since last November, local Health authorities have been trying to procure these jabs. However, should the need arise for additional vaccines, Health Minister, Dr Frank Anthony has assured that there is a backup plan in place to ensure each child in the specific age group receives their first dose.

“If this is exhausted very quickly, we have a backup plan in place, where we can access another 60,000 doses,” he noted.

MTV News Update understands that this 60,000 doses will be another donation to the government and people of Guyana.

Considering that vaccination uptake has been ‘quite slow’, the Health Minister posited that these doses will be procured based on the response from parents on the vaccination.

He explained that the reason for this is because “we don’t want to bring in doses, keep them and nobody is taking it.”

In the coming week, the vaccine will also be rolled out in various schools that have a large population of children within this age category.

The vaccination drive at the National Cultural Centre Tarmac is being held from 09:00hrs-16:00 hrs. Parents who are desirous of having their child vaccinated are being encouraged to come out. In order to get vaccinated parents or guardians are required to sign a form showing that they have given their permission for the Health Authority to administer this jab to their child.


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