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Armed bandits attack and rob patrons of Berbice Superbet outlet

Police in Berbice are making headway in solving an armed robbery committed on patrons and the owner of a Superbet outlet at No. 11 Village on the Corentyne on Monday evening.

So far, the Police acting on information received, arrested a 35-year-old farmer of West Canefield East Canje, Berbice, early this morning.

Proprietor of the Superbet, Muneshwar Ramkishun, told reporters that it all started around 8:00h when the armed bandits stormed the premises, which also housed a rum shop, and began attacking patrons, relieving them of their valuables.

“I see two, three body lash one of them, man, to them head with a hammer and the other one kick one of them till about ten kick or something.”

He noted that the armed men then made their way to the Superbet outlet, where he was attacked. He said the men took the daily earnings from the drawer in the shop before hitting another patron with a gun and escaped.

MTV News Update understands that the men carted over $300,000 in cash from the Superbet proprietor, a gold chain, and other valuables from patrons at the rum shop. Investigations are continuing.


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