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Veteran childcare activist, Ann Greene no longer heading Child Care & Protection Agency

The Ministry of Human Services and Social Security has announced that Ann Greene will no longer be heading  the Childcare and Protection Agency.

Greene who served as Director of the Agency for over a decade is retiring from the post. She will using this time to read for her PhD in Human Services at Walden University.

Speaking at her farewell ceremony was Human Services Minister, Dr Vindhya Persaud who thanked Greene for her tremendous work throughout the years and told the retired CPA Director that they will still seek her knowledge.

"It’s not thank you and bye-bye, because you have said that you will be around for us and the ministry and around for childcare so I look forward to that Ms. Greene, because you have too much experience for us to just let you go like that," the subject Minister said.

Meanwhile, Ms Greene said that the position as the CPA Director was one she held close to her heart since she has seen her role as more than a job.

"It is something I could never see as parting, it is something I said to persons years ago, what I do I never see as work, so if you asked me, I never worked a day in my life. It’s not work, its something else. If it was work, I think I would have burnt out a long time, this is a job with a lot of emotional labour so if I had seen it as work, I think I would have burnt out."

At the ceremony, several other senior officials and staff were present who all praised Ms. Greene for her work and dedication. She has led the agency since 2009 and has over 50 years of experience in the public service, serving as a probation and welfare officer all the way up to chief probation and welfare officer before becoming Director of children services.

Ms Greene's replacement has not yet been named.

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