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All systems set for first-ever Inter-Caribbean Paintball Tournament in Guyana

Regional teams will be competing in Guyana this weekend for a chance to represent the Caribbean at the National Xball League World Cup of Paintball Championships in Miami.

The ‘Resilience 3v3’ will be the first speedball tournament in Guyana. The action takes off on July 17 at the St Stanislaus College Ground, Carifesta Avenue, for over $800,000 in cash, prizes & chance to be drafted for the Caribbean League team.

Organiser Kevin Hinds said the three-on-three battle would be done via the speedball format.

“The speedball now will give us the opportunity to come up to international standards. And we’re happy Guyana was selected as the host country for something like this. We’re accustomed also to the conventional sporting activities, but there’s more to the sporting industry than just the cricket and the football cause paintball, for example; a lot of persons may not know, there’s also a career in paintball.”

The event will see several teams from around the Caribbean competing for the title and bragging rights for a year. The competing countries include Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Suriname, St. Kitts and Nevis, and Barbados.

The tournament serves to identify a Caribbean team that will compete in the NXL Paintball World Cup in Miami. Additionally, Hinds notes that events like these will help create more opportunities for local paintball enthusiasts.

“Apart from the tournament of itself, there is a paintball scholarship fund that we’re working to get the Caribbean Paintball Players to tap into. So if it is anyone of the players that are deeply involved in the paintball industry, you have the opportunity of utilising this fund to further your studies and things like that.”

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