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Ali says Commonwealth does not have to necessarily depend on developed countries to address crises

President Irfaan Ali on Saturday participated in a press briefing to mark the end of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Kigali Rwanda.

There, he said that issues such as food security and climate change can be addressed right among the Commonwealth members and that there is not necessarily need to depend on developed countries.

The Commonwealth is a group of 54 countries that work together to improve themselves, help each other, and share knowledge and resources.

"What the Commonwealth needs now is stability, bold, innovative and visionary thinking to address these issues," President Ali noted.

He believes that the leadership showcased by the Commonwealth Chair- in Office and Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame is a perfect example of what is needed.

"What Rwanda has shown the developing world is that we can have the answer among ourselves and within ourselves too and it is this type of leadership and example by doing that is required in creating some of the changing circumstances that are so critically needed."

In closing, President Ali congratulated President Kagame and his people for putting in the hard work to put the country back on a stable path.

"Your hard work on building this country, on building this city was on show. It has gained tremendous respect."

In 1994 Rwanda was destroyed by civil war and genocide but now it is one of the fastest growing economies.


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