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Ali reminds Guyanese to be welcoming to foreigners as he reflects on Guyana/Canada relationship

President Irfaan Ali says Guyana’s prospects are changing, and even though this may mean that the migration rate would be lower, there was a point where Guyanese sought better conditions and quality of life in other countries.

It is with this in mind that he thanked the people and the Government of Canada for being accommodating to Guyanese when they were forced to leave because of ‘difficult circumstances.’

“You’ve allowed those Guyanese who left here under difficult circumstances to enjoy a quality of life and a style of life that allowed them to help their family back home,” the President told the gathering at the Home of the Canadian High Commissioner to Guyana.

He added that there would be a point where citizens of other countries would require Guyana to welcome them.

But he said, “This requires a level of maturity, a level of humility, and a strong commitment to humanity for us to understand our responsibility in that construct.”

As the Head of State continued his reflection on Guyana’s and Canada’s relationship, he assured them of the country’s commitment to strengthening bilateral ties.

In the meantime, Guyana and Canada have agreed to work on several areas, including food security.

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