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Ali described as 'man of his word' as commitments at Meadow Bk Wharf fulfilled in less than 1 month

The police outpost at the Wharf

The installation of several street lights and the construction of a new police outpost are among some of the latest developments at the Meadow Bank Wharf. These enhancement works were among some of the commitments made by President Irfaan Ali who made an impromptu visit to the wharf last month.

When MTV News Update visited the wharf last week, the Head of State received many praises and was even described as a “man of his word” as several fishermen expressed gratitude for the new facilities.

They related that these developments will reduce security threats compared to before, when there were no street lights and police presence.

one of the many street lights installed

“Since the visit of the President about a few weeks ago we have seen a lot of development. We have seen lights, the police outpost you know they are more development to come as the President give us his words and he is delivering. We have seen progress […] The lights benefitting us a lot because a lot of people come here to buy fish and do business and there is the police outpost and the light so everybody getting to see what going on,” said Suresh Dass who has been plying his trade at the wharf for over 20 years.

Meanwhile, Alfred Rogers recalled incidents of persons being robbed of large sums of cash due to the lack of street lights and consistent police presence.

President Irfaan Ali interacting with fishermen and vendors during his last visit (photo: DPI)

“The place didn’t had no light facility and people use to get rob out here every day so the Government come put a police outpost and light up the place so they making the place better and we seeing a lot of development in the country.”

“At least the Government come and put on the light here and give we an outpost […] so far we happy with the development, the President is a man of his word”, Khemraj added.

A washroom is also expected to be built soon.

During the President’s last visit, fishermen expressed the need for these facilities. There, President Ali promised to have the issues addressed in a timely way while highlighting the importance of the fishing industry.


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