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Air badminton launched at St. Cuthbert’s Mission

The Guyana Badminton Association is currently working towards expanding the sport to hinterland regions.

Secretary of the GBA Mrs Emelia Ramdhani and Vice President Ms Ayanna Watson donate to community leader, flanked by community children after their first training session

Secretary of the Guyana Badminton Association (GBA) Emelia Ramdhani and Vice President Ayanna Watson introduced air badminton to St Cuthbert’s mission on Sunday, March 24th, 2022.

The association also donated about six shuttlecocks, six racquets and two nets to the community.

Air Badminton, developed by the Badminton World Federation (BWF) is designed to create opportunities for people of all ages and the ability to play badminton on hard, grass and sand surfaces in parks, playgrounds and beaches around the world.

There was an excellent turnout and acceptance of this new and exciting game in the community.

The introduction of the sport to children between the ages of 8-18 and presentation of the equipment was done at the Bimichi Eco-Lodge, which will also be in charge of administering the programme in the community.

Air badminton was previously launched at the St. Roses High School and the University of Guyana.

The GBA also plans to return to the community to launch the shuttle time project, where the indoor version of the game is taught in schools as an elective for the physical education CSEC examination.

The association plans to continue moving forward with air badminton and shuttle time in hinterland regions and other administrative regions outside of Georgetown.


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