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African crafts, foods, clothing and culture on display at Ujama Exhibition

Some handmade pieces showcased at the Expo by Traditional and Trendy

The International Decade for People of African Descent Assembly – Guyana (IDPADA-G) on Thursday kicked start a two-day exhibition and sale called Ujama 2.0.

Ujama is a Swahili word that means cooperative economy and calls on people of African descent to cooperate with each other.

The expo is being hosted on Main Street Avenue and showcases Africans’ craft, food, and culture while giving young entrepreneurs a chance to highlight their business products and services.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of IDPADA-G Olive Cannings Sampson spoke at the opening ceremony and said that this expo recognises the sacrifice and hard work of the African ancestors who bought Plantation Victoria after Slavery was abolished.

She said this move by the ancestors showcases what cooperation can achieve and posited that Ujama 2.0 would benefit everyone.

“This economic activity benefit all from middle street to church street all demonstrate the tenacity, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit that has driven the community,” she posited.

Meanwhile, Professor Leyland Lucas of the School of Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation (SEBI) - UG praised the entrepreneurs for taking the risk to start their small businesses while encouraging them to keep pushing to grow their businesses.

At the end of the launching ceremony, the exhibition was opened to the public, where entrepreneurs sold and showcased their work.

Our team spoke with some vendors who said they are participating in this exhibition because it gives them a platform to showcase their products and build their customer base.

Shequanda David, Owner of Traditional and Trendy Designs, said her business caters to “persons, their taste and their needs based on their preference. So you might see things. If you are a modern person and you have certain décor that is unique to you and what’s in style, then that caters for trendy as well, so it varies for anything that you want.”

Meanwhile, Debbie Argyle, owner of Magnificent Fragrances Scented Candles and Creative Crafts, sells natural scented soaps and candles.

Her business also offers a peppermint-scented candle, which can help to calm the nerves and cool your skin in a warm climate. She noted that she specifically introduced this scent because Guyana has a tropical climate.

A few of the products offered by Magnificent Fragrances Scented Candles and Crafts

The expo is open to the public free of cost and persons are urged to support the local entrepreneur.

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