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$53M water supply system commissioned in Region Seven

The newly commissioned water supply system [Photo: Ministry of Housing and Water]

Approximately 331 residents in the village of Tassarene, located in Middle Mazaruni, have received first-time access to potable water with the installation of a new water supply system valued at $53.9 million.

The system was commissioned by Minister of Housing and Water Collin Croal on Sunday morning.

The scope of the project includes the installation of 3000 metres of 50mm (2”) PVC pipes and 1000 metres of 19mm (3/4”) pipes with 60 services connection and the construction of a 20 feet high elevated metal trestle.

It also includes the installation of a photovoltaic pumping system with a submersible pump, controller, and solar panel.

Minister Croal lauded the efforts of the Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) for putting systems in place to provide adequate water access to the community.

He told the gathering at the commissioning ceremony that regardless of the community's size, the government will continue to seek them out to foster development.

“It does not matter where you live because this PPP/C government will find you. We will ensure that we reach out to you and provide you with the necessary support that is required to make your lives better and uplift your communities.”

He reiterated the government’s continued efforts to equip and empower persons, especially in hinterland communities, with the necessary skill set to earn a living.

Minister Croal was impressed that with the current trajectory of the country’s development, guided by the President Ali-led administration, Guyana’s future is bright and seeping with potential.

“Our children’s future is bright because as our country continues to grow, we expect them to make use of the opportunities that you, the parents, did not have,” he said.

Moreover, the Minister emphasised the importance of having the residents work with the government to encourage community development, adding that Region Seven will not be left out of the government’s developmental agenda.

“We don’t look at political persuasion when we are investing in our people. We don’t look at the voting pattern of a village and prioritise. We will continue to invest to ensure that right across the length and breadth of this region, we put systems in place so that you can have a better quality of life,” the Housing and Water Minister assured.

Prime Minister’s Hinterland Representative, Erwin Ward, noted that development is taking place throughout the Mazaruni villages.

“It goes to show the courage and persistence of the government as well as the Guyana Water Incorporated. As a government, we will continue to work very hard to ensure that the entire Middle Mazaruni can come to a point where we can all live happily,” Ward noted.

GWI’s Executive Director of Hinterland Services noted that the community, through its Community Service Officers (CSOs), is equipped with the necessary training to utilise, monitor, and maintain the system.

Toshao Joseph urged residents to utilise the system with care, as it supplies an invaluable resource to the community.

The new system is in keeping with Sustainable Development Goal Six, which aims to ensure that all communities have adequate access to water.

[Extracted and modified from the Department of Public Information]

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