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$50M in small business grants for Essequibans

Some of the beneficiaries of the small business grants

Vice President Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo on Wednesday facilitated the distribution of 200 small business grants to micro-enterprises in Region Two.

The payout to the tune of $250,000 was done at the Rice Producers Association (RPA) bond. This rounds up to about $50 million.

Dr. Jagdeo, while addressing the recipients, urged them to use the money for the “intended purpose”.

“I’m looking forward to seeing you again in the future and I hope that you put the money into good use as I said before ensure that you expand what you are doing,” the Vice President said.

A number of recipients also expressed gratitude to Dr. Jagdeo for honouring his commitment. In fact, they noted that the grant would aid them in adding value to their small businesses.

“I’m here to thank you for this grant so that I can extend and with this extension I intend training about five young person in the field of plumbing and sheet metal,” Jerry McKenzie said.

Meanwhile, Rohan Narine said “I would like to thank you again for this grant everyone will be benefiting from and I think it’s a great initiative along with the jobs along Essequibo. It's really great.”

Several other citizens whose names were unknown also expressed similar views. During a two-day cabinet outreach back in March, Dr. Jagdeo had committed to providing them with small business grants to help entrepreneurs and create employment in Region Two.

Along with Region Two, Regions Five and Six are also set to benefit from these grants along with others.


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