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5000 more house lots for East Coast- Croal

Minister of Housing and Water Collin Croal has announced that an additional 5000 house lots will be allocated on the East Coast Corridor over the course of the next nine months.

The subject Minister made this announcement at the opening ceremony of Imran Ally hardware store.

According to Minister Croal, this allocation will ease the housing woes of thousands who were patiently awaiting this.

He did not provide further details about which section of the East Coast corridor this allocation would be but noted that it would provide significant housing relief to citizens.

The Minister also highlighted that for the past year and a half some 4,700 house lots were allocated along the East Coast and over 11,000 were allocated in other coastal administrative regions.

All of these allocations are taking the Government closer to fulfilling their manifesto promise to deliver 50,000 house lots over the five year period.

In the meantime he said the Government will continue to invest and make lands available for all Guyanese.


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