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$45M in ganja destroyed during eradication exercise in Berbice River

Ganja and Camp being burned during Police eradication exercise

Police in Regional Division #6, on April 20th, 2022 between 04:00hrs and 15:30hrs, conducted a successful drug eradication exercise at separate locations along the Berbice River.

Two plots of land (cannabis farms) were discovered along the Berbice River during the first part of the exercise.

The farms measured approximately one acre each. About 10,000 plants in total were cultivated on the two farms.

The estimated value of the eradicated cannabis at this location is approximately $7,500,000 (Guyana currency). Both farms were destroyed by fire during the police exercise.

As the police ranks continued their exercise along the Berbice River, another plot of land (ganja farm) was discovered at Gateroy Village which was about six acres with approximately fifty thousand plants (50,000) with a weight of about 1,250 pounds, along with two make-shift camps.

The cannabis and camps were destroyed by fire.

The estimated value of the eradicated cannabis at the farm at Gateroy Village is $37,500,000 (Guyana currency).

However this isn't the first time Gateroy Village was found to be a base for ganja operations; back in February of this year (2022), the CCU reported that Police in Regional Division #6 conducted an eradication exercise at Gateroy Village, Berbice River where a cannabis field measuring approximately ten acres was discovered. The estimated value of the cannabis that was found, and destroyed during that exercise in February, was approximately $90M.

The total weight of all the cannabis eradicated at both locations during the exercise on April 20th is approximately 1,500 pounds and valued at $45,000,000.


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